What is Bitumen?

Petrol is a form of gas, liquid and solid hydrocarbons. Liquid hydrocarbons are called as crude oil, natural gas to the ones in the gas state, and in the solid state, it has been called as asphalt-paraffin or bitumen according to their composition.

The asphalt, paraffin,and gasoline are obtained , when The crude oil is removed from the well after distillation,. Bitumen, which is too rigid to use at normal air temperature after this process is being obtained by a different method compared to gasoline, diesel oil, by thining using kerosene water,. In this final stage, asphalt is now ready to be used in floor coverings.

Bituminous hot mixes are produced by mixing both the asphalt binder and the aggregate to the appropriate temperature and in the appropriate proportions mixture and are used in the upper layers of high standard flexible coatings.

Bituminous hot mixtures are used in ;

  • Abrasion
  • Binder
  • Bituminous base

Bituminous hot mixtures;

  • With its smooth and smooth surfaces for vehicles, driving safety must ensure driving comfort and friction resistance.
  • It must be resistant to the erosion effects of traffic and the environment.
  • It must be resistant to deformations.

For many years, our company has been offering its customers the best quality bitumen with different properties to both local and international markets. The bitumen we sell has international quality and certificate.

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